Owner Surrender Request

We are sorry to hear that you can no longer keep your dog. We may be able to help you. Often times, many health or behavioral issues can be worked out to allow you to keep your pet and improve your current situation.

Of course, we recognize that sometimes issues arise when there is no alternative but to rehome your pet. As a foster-based rescue, we can only take in dogs when we have a foster home available. We ask that you kindly consider this when asking for our assistance.

We take great pride in placing all dogs entrusted in our care in loving, committed homes. We carefully screen all of our adoption applicants by requiring an application, personal and vet reference checks, and a home inspection. Furthermore, all of our adopters are required to sign a legal contract that if for ANY reason they can not keep the dog, the dog MUST come back to us in rescue. This is to protect the dog! You can read more about our adoption process HERE.